Thanks to all 2021 visitors. Lovely to see you all. I am now closed until 2022 and taking the chance to do some renovations. Stay safe and see you next year!

Achamore Lodge was built in 1895 and has been home to gamekeepers, gardeners, factors, holiday makers and now myself and my son, the dogs Luna and Archie and the cats Charlie and Craig.

Nestling in trees to the south of the island, the house was the Lodge house for Achamore House and later it’s world famous Achamore Gardens. It is a wonderfully peaceful place. With private gardens to the front with ‘tropical’ trees which host a spectrum of birds, the Lodge is a place which enables rest and relaxation.

Achamore Lodge has spacious and comfortable guest rooms which open onto the gardens. I usually offer bed and breakfast and in pre covid times ran retreat weekends with a focus on singing, music or art.

There is limited mobile reception , but we do have clean air, wide skies, bird song and musical instruments aplenty.

Please stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you in the future.